The Curran Team

Experienced and Passionate

Meet the team at Curran Cabinetry who turn your dreams into reality.

Allen Curran

Al is your guide through the design process. Al makes sure that your project meets the high expectations and standards of the company and you, our clients have come to expect. Al leads the Curran Cabinetry & Design team.

Mike Jochmann

Mike leads the design department and behind-the-scenes management of your project from start to finish. You may hear from him inquiring about design details, setting up delivery dates, or confirming project details that affect your design. You may see him on-site taking field measurements, assisting with other vendors and subcontractors, or even carrying your cabinetry into your place!

Kelly Cliff

Kelly will be designing, or influencing the design direction of your project. She is your color and material-selection pro, and enjoys creating visually-pleasing, functional spaces and designs. Kelly handles behind-the-scenes project details and communications as well.

Denise Ruhl

Denise will guide you through the design/sales process to ensure that your projects meets your (and our) high standards and expectations. She will be one of your main points of contact throughout the process, and coordinates communication among everyone involved.

Jean O'Neal

You will receive communications from Jean regarding accounting and financial details, including down payments, progress payments, and final invoices. She also handles accounting details between vendors and subcontractors so that you can be confident that all parties’ interests are accounted for.

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