Why Choose Curran Cabinetry & Design?

Our Unique Business Model

Enjoy the elegance of custom-designed cabinetry—at mid-level cabinet prices.

Expert, Personalized Design

Our designers have over 40 years of combined design and customization experience. We create one-of-a-kind designs that are unique to your family's needs, and unique to the needs of your spaces.

  • For example, Curran Cabinetry offers over 1000 possible door styles.
  • Since your cabinets are custom-made, your designs are not constrained to "standard" cabinetry dimensions.
  • We can customize the height, depth, and widths of cabinetry (in most cases at no extra charge). For example, we can vary the depth of the top base cabinet drawers to accommodate larger cooking utensils.
  • Our designs can accommodate special molding and lighting applications.
  • Our custom designs also allow us to accommodate the job-site situations and unique needs of older homes.
  • All of our designs are made with installation in mind. We have decades of experience knowing how the parts and pieces have to be put together when installed. While some designs might look good on paper, if the cabinets cannot be properly installed, you'll be disappointed with the results. But not with cabinets from Curran Cabinetry.
You can trust the design team at Curran Cabinetry & Design.


Meticulous Amish Craftsmanship

Your custom-designed cabinets are hand-built-to-order by master Amish craftsmen in local, Dane County shops. Al Curran has spent decades building relationships with theses shops, and your finished cabinetry will show the elegant results.

  • Our Amish shops are naturally operated in a "green" manner.
  • These shops build your cabinetry using Curran-Cabinetry-specified, premium construction techniques. (See the next tab for details.)
  • Since your cabinets are built-to-order, your cabinets and frames are custom-sized to fit your specific space. In most cases there is no extra charge for these customizations.
  • Since we work directly with the cabinet maker, we can easily accommodate unusual or complex details of your space.
  • If remakes and/or repairs are necessary, these can be can be accomplished with very quick turn-around: Days, not weeks, like factory-built cabinetry.
With Curran Cabinetry, you get custom, Amish-made cabinets at mid-level-cabinets pricing.
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Premium Construction Techniques

Your  custom-designed cabinets are built using Curran Cabinetry's exacting, premium construction techniques. These specifications assure that your cabinetry will have the same elegance and long-lasting beauty of premium furniture. Your cabinetry will bring your family many years of joy.

  • Your cabinets are constructed of solid wood and plywood.
  • Solid wood, 1.5 " wide stiles and rails on framed cabinetry. Frameless cabinetry are 3/4" plywood sides, backs, tops and bottoms.
  • Cabinet side panels are 3/4 " thick and back panel is 1/2" thick for extra strength and stability.
  • Drawer boxes are solid maple 5/8" thick, with dovetailed corners.
  • Drawer bottoms are fully-integrated and made of 1/2" thick plywood. This avoids any sagging due to carrying heavier loads.
  • Painted finishes will have MDF used for center door panels to avoid paint cracks, and plywood with MDF veneer on painted surfaces.
  • Exposed cabinet sides use a "Lock Mitre" joint for extra strength and beauty.
  • Hinges are Blum hardware, fully-concealed, with soft-close.
  • Slides are Blum hardware, fully-concealed, under-mount, full-extension with soft-close.
  • Height is fully adjustable on all shelves and glide-out drawers. 
Custom cabinetry from Curran Cabinetry delivers built-in elegance and beauty that is more than just skin-deep.
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Perfected Finish and Installation

Curran Cabinetry offers multiple finish options for your cabinetry. We help you choose options that blend perfectly with existing floors, furniture, woodwork and colors, and will give your installed cabinets timeless beauty, elegance, and style—and lots of "Ooh"s and "Ah"s!


  • For painted cabinets, we prefer cabinets constructed of Hard Maple. This  choice gets you durability combined with economy.
  • Choose from our Sherwin-Williams colors, or we can custom match other colors.
  • We add your chosen color pigments to not only the paint coat, but also the underlaying wood primer coat, and the catalyzed-varnish top coat. This superior triple-pigment process nearly eliminates yellowing from UV light, and allows for better color-match for touch up, even many years later.
  • For stained wood finishes, choose from 7 different wood species: Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Red Alder, Cherry, Hickory, or Hard Maple. (We can even specify various grades of wood within these species.)
  • Special cuts of wood are available (Quarter Sawn, Rift Cut, etc.).
  • Choose from 65 standard Woodwright stain colors. This spray & wipe stain highlights the beauty of the woodgrain, and will bring a smile when you look at your cabinets.



  • Installation is completed by your chosen general contractor or a general contractor we would recommend.
  • All of our designs are made with installation in mind. We have decades of experience knowing how the parts and pieces have to be put together. Once installed, the finished cabinetry project is everything  you hoped for, and more!
  • We “gang” cabinetry together when possible for a better appearance and easier installation.
  • Recessed toe space can be modified to align with previous cabinet and floor line, and flush toe space is available at no extra charge.
  • The bottoms of our wall cabinets are provided with a 1/4” panel, finished to match the cabinet face. When you're sitting at the dining table, looking into the kitchen, you will not see a Natural Maple bottom under the cabinets.
  • On adjoining wall cabinets, the side panels stop flush with cabinet bottom so the electrician doesn’t have to drill holes to run wires for under cabinet lighting.
  • Installed Curran Cabinetry's cabinetry has a much cleaner, more furniture-like appearance than most others you have seen.
You can trust the design team at Curran Cabinetry & Design.
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Custom Features and Add-Ons

Curran Cabinetry & Design completes your project with those extra features and custom accessory touches that complete the "Wow!" factor of your finished project. 

  • We customize the interior features of our cabinets and create new interior features to meet your individual, unique needs.
    See examples here. →
  • We can include mantles, ceiling beams, wainscot paneling, or wood bar tops to complement your cabinetry.
  • Complete your space with coordinating tables, chairs, stools, desks, etc., all custom-designed by Curran Cabinetry and Amish-made to match your Amish cabinetry.
Curran Cabinetry & Design delivers a project fully-complete in all detail.
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