Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom designed Kitchen Cabinets → Problems solved!

Curran Cabinetry solves kitchen problems with creativity, elegance, and style. 

custom solutions for your everyday kitchen problems.

Our experience and design expertise makes sure your cabinets are customized to meet your family’s specific needs. Just tell us what’s been frustrating you. We’ll customize a solution that fixes that problem with elegance and style!


What Our Clients Say

“We couldn’t be happier with our new kitchen. Not only is it beautiful but it functions beautifully as well! Working with Al was a seamless operation from the very beginning.”

David Zimmerman


“Al was wonderful to work with! Our kitchen layout was a bit tricky, but we were grateful for his creativity and innovative ideas–we now have an absolutely perfect kitchen which we love!!”

Kaitlin Svabek 


“The quality of the product alone would justify a five-star review, but this is just the start of the good news. Allen has decades of experience designing kitchens and his work shows it. He was able to work within the unusual constraints of my kitchen space to provide a result that is ergonomically superior to any other kitchen I’ve worked in.”

Johnathan Koch