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Eric & Emma Salisbury—Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Eric & Emma:
“We bought a 1970’s home that hadn’t been touched since it was built. When we bought it, we knew we’d need to renovate the kitchen. We spent about a year and a half researching, meeting with designers, and envisioning the project (which would include a total gut job, removal of walls, etc.). We had turned down a few quotes, then found Al and Curran Cabinetry while strolling a NARI show. We already had a good idea of how we wanted to design the space, and Al said he could not only do the cabinets but would draft our design for us as well. We used that design, with Curran’s custom cabinets as the centerpiece. I’m not sure the project would have launched if we hadn’t found Al.
“When Al walked us through the workmanship of his cabinets at the NARI show, we knew we had found our product. To us, cabinets are the primary concern in a kitchen. You have one refrigerator, one or two ovens, maybe other appliances, but cabinets and countertops are the core. We wanted a top-quality product that would last both in durability and design. Curran’s cabinets fit the bill. Throughout the process of design and installation, Al was patient, helpful, and a great communicator. He worked seamlessly with our contractor, too.

“As with any major renovation, there will be hiccups. One hiccup on our project occurred right after the cabinets were delivered and the first were put into place. We noticed that the color seemed slightly off (a different shade of blue than we thought we had chosen). We called Al, and he came right out and agreed the color wasn’t right. It turned out the paint company labeled the can wrong, But the true test of a company is how they respond to these hiccups. Our cabinets were pulled right away, and because the cabinets are made right here in southern Wisconsin, we had them repainted the correct color, and re-installed in only three days! That wouldn’t have been the case with cabinetry from any other source.

“Our project concluded in February 2020, just a month before the pandemic. We certainly utilized the kitchen a lot during lockdown, and now, three years later, our cabinets, countertops, and kitchen look just as wonderful as the day we moved back in. We’ve had zero problems with any of the cabinets or their components.”

Curran Cabinetry & Design:

Thank you, Eric and Emma!

We at Curran really enjoyed working with you to design your kitchen and dry bar. We wanted to make sure those rooms complemented the adjoining formal dining room and great room, and how you planned to use the entire first floor of your home.

As you mentioned, nobody wants “hiccups” to happen, but when they do, we are glad to be working with local Amish cabinet shops so that we can remedy issues as quickly as possible, in most cases, not loosing a beat in the construction schedule. General contractors and their other sub-contractors have grown to appreciate this about us and what we can do. Keeping projects on schedule is extremely important to everyone involved in the remodeling process. Our decades of experience have made us well aware of how our products have to integrate with the work and schedules of others.

We are sure you will have many, many more years of enjoyment in your home! -Al Curran

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