Painted Kitchen Cabinets Project

Jim And Laz Hirsch

Jim & Laz:
“We were looking for options – we wanted something different than typical modular cabinets. We didn’t want to just fill a space with pre-made cabinets, and look for filler strips to cover up the gaps. We had in mind a kitchen that fit our specific needs and was designed to accommodate our lifestyle and choices. We wanted storage and access built around what we already owned and used, rather than trying to shoehorn our life into someone else’s idea of good design.
“Working with Curran Cabinetry & Design was a good experience overall. They kept us informed about all the options—and limitations—of the project and guided us in our decision-making with thoughtful input. We are really pleased with the Currans’ kitchen cabinets and their service—no complaints at all. When we had concerns they were promptly and fairly addressed to our satisfaction. Our kitchen cabinets proved to be a good value, and we are very happy with them.
“We learned a lot during this project:
  • Curran introduced us to Rev-A-Shelf and a whole industry of cabinet inserts and options to personalize a kitchen.
  • We discovered the network of Amish craftsmen and their high-quality, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.
  • We found out that just an extra inch in the depth of a drawer matters a great deal.
  • You don’t have to compromise on quality materials and finishes.
  • We learned how to carefully review our shop drawings before approving them for construction.
  • It pays to have qualified mechanics install well-built cabinets.
  • There is no replacement for the value of an experienced team that knows their product and their customer, and is committed to their customer’s satisfaction.
“Even two years after our project was completed, we still walk into our kitchen every morning and think, ‘This is really nice. This really works!’ and ‘I love my kitchen!'”

Curran Cabinetry & Design:

Thank You for your kind words, Jim and Laz. It was great working with a couple that really enjoy “the details” of a successful project. We delved into not only the needed drawer box depths, but the dimensions on the frames for the door and drawer fronts to be able to accommodate the selected hardware chosen.

We worked to bring in the two colors of paint and still be able to add the drama of the Walnut support post wrap and flyover above the island. I appreciate your thoughtfulness thinking through how you would be using the kitchen to better select what interior features would work best for you and where we should locate them. We were happy to provide the built-in corner bench, as well as the built in hutch to complete the space. -Al Curran

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